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March 1, 2018

April 30, 2018

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Awards Description

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The WfMC Awards for Case Management are the ideal way to be recognized by the industry worldwide, to publicly acknowledge and recognize the efforts of your team and to inject passion into your case management projects. Read 2015 winners’ highlights here.

Get recognized for your vision and your team’s superb efforts!

Co-sponsored by WfMC and, these prestigious awards recognize user organizations worldwide that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative Case Management solutions.

These awards are designed to highlight the best examples of technology to support knowledge workers.

The mere process of entering the Awards shows your team and your organization that you are proud of your people and your projects. Our awards are the best way to be recognized by the industry, to acknowledge and publicly recognize the efforts of your team.

All winners get published (with their permisson). Previous recent winning submissions were published in “Thriving On Adaptability, “How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done” and “Empowering Knowledge Workers.”

We work with leading industry analysts Forrester and Gartner who use these case studies to analyze ACM technology suppliers, illustrate trends, industry growth, ROI and more…

We will be accepting and judging submissions for both Adaptive Case Management (which is entirely under the control of the case manager) and Production Case Management (where the case manager has a lot, but not complete, scope for modification of the course of activity). See more here.

Submissions should indicate specific areas of focus. Award categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer Excellence/Customer Service
  • Public Sector
  • Legal and Courts
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Human Capital
  • Customer Enrollment
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Media and Entertainment

Special recognition is made for outstanding demonstration of Knowledge Worker Innovation and Exceptional User Experience.

Awards Logistics Overview

Payment of your $250 entry handling fee is required when submitting your case study. Secure online payment here.

  • Note: If you consider that you have a highly relevant case study, and your organization has difficulty meeting this entry fee please contact us.
  • No entry fee is required for nominating US government agencies or entries nominated by US government officials.

Submissions are open worldwide and a vendor /consultant may nominate a customer and any company may submit their own case study. No product pitches will be accepted, however.

  • There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit.
  • The winning organizations will receive certificates and a plaque. Optional engraved trophies may be ordered with custom engraving.
  • Winners receive added recognition by having their award-winning case studies published in the new book on Case Management to release in the Fall.

Judging Criteria

We will be accepting and judging submissions for both Adaptive Case Management (which is entirely under the control of the case manager) and Production Case Management (where the case manager has a lot, but not complete, scope for modification of the course of activity).

This list is provided in order to clarify what judging criteria will be used.  Higher selection preference will be given to cases that include more of these points. It is unlikely that any single use case can demonstrate all of these, don’t worry.


  • Integration of outside tools and social media (“mash ups”) to facilitate communications and assist with data visualization
  • How a case manager is able to plan timelines for the case, including the identification of stages and milestones
  • How the goals of the case manager are recorded and displayed to others, and how roles and teams can be defined within the context of the case
  • Support for mobile devices and other “iWorker” environments and usage models
  • How a case manager can retain lists of experts that can be drawn into their cases on a needs must basis
  • The cohesiveness of the system as single application/environment, whether virtually or physically, imposing a single point of access


  • Availability of reusable templates for initiating new cases, including the use of completed cases as templates
  • Ability to create standard correspondence (letters, emails, etc.,) at any point in the case, capturing context of interaction and responses
  • Explicit support for goal-seeking and goal-driven processes, and whether goals can be modified in-flight
  • How knowledge captured during the performance of case work supports the identification and creation of new processes or case rules (not requiring IT/developer involvement or redeployment)
  • How knowledge is captured and held by the system, including the dynamic and static exchanges between participants
  • The degree of guidance provided by the system, based on the current context of the case, including the ability to initiate collaboration with other knowledge workers


  • Extent and quantifiable impact of productivity improvements (including financial and non-financial such as reduced re-work and improved customer and/or employee satisfaction
  • The extent of explicit training and change management required for knowledge workers, versus the ability to eliminate training through in-flight guidance
  • Better records and data management practices connected to improved case management e.g, ability to identify cases, organize content distinctly from other cases, allow cross-references and linkages between cases)
  • Demonstrated productivity improvement based on greater visibility, such as prioritizing activity across multiple cases, balancing workload, monitoring quality, timeliness and speed
  • Examples of problem resolution through easier management of roles, authority (access privileges), and improved communication

It is unlikely that any single use case can demonstrate all of these, don’t worry. These points are provided in order to clarify what judging criteria will be used. Higher selection preference will be given to cases that include more of these points.

Above all, remember, the judges are turned off by hype and advertising!

Submission Guidelines from Keith Swenson, WfMC Chair

The case studies submitted for an award are not advertisements and should not read like one. Read a quick page of advice from Keith.

The readers of your case study are looking for information on how to best implement Adaptive Case Management in their organizations. It is a new and fledgling field, and the purpose of making such information available helps the entire market by reducing the incident of failure. Most of the ideas on how to organize people, and how to structure the information, are applicable in many products, yours included.

These books are meant to provide guidance for a number of years. Today’s product features will continue to spread and evolve such that what we talk about next year may not be the hot features of today. But the lessons learned in how a particular organization approached supporting a particular situation, how well it worked, along with why it may or may not have worked well, will be information valuable for many years.

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