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October 24, 2017

March 2, 2018

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Awards Description

The Telly Awards has been here since 1979 and lived through that evolution. And although we are now in an era where television and video work is being created and consumed in various new ways, our commitment to celebrating the very best of it—regardless of origin—remains the same.

As we move further forward into a video-everywhere economy,  where audiences view work on multiple platforms and creators create for every screen, the Telly Awards will continue to make sure excellent work is being celebrated. We will do this by ensuring that our judges continue to reflect industry leaders across these fields, and that we expand the way in which we  showcase the very best creators of work that inspires, connects, and pushes us all to do better.

To that end, we’re excited to unveil our dynamic new digital presence and branding. We are still honoring work in the way we have for nearly 40 years, but with a new platform that is reflective of the current state of the industry—and enables us to better highlight the excellent work and creatives recognized by The Tellys. The website will serve to share the most innovative work done by Telly Awards winners, as well as an editorial platform where industry leaders can share best practices, analyses, and opinions on trends and news shaping the video and television industries.

Keep an eye out for guest articles from industry leaders, new partners, new judges, and a slew of events in the months to come. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on key dates and deadlines. Most importantly, reach out if you have any thoughts on how we can continue to best support and celebrate you and your work.


The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens.

We are currently reviewing categories, expanding the Telly Awards Judging Council and programming a number of partner events throughout the year. Check back soon for updates on this but two key dates for your diary!

Entries open: October 24th 2017
Winners announced: May 2018



Commercials & Marketing

  • Local television commercials (appearing in a single market)
  • Regional television commercials (appearing regionally or in multiple markets)
  • Cable television commercials (appearing on cable TV locally or regionally)
  • Commercial campaigns

Non-Broadcast Video

  • Industrial, promotional, or business videos
  • Non-broadcast video or television programs
  • Other video productions
  • Outdoor & environmental

Series, Shows, and Segments

  • Series, shows, or segments created for online distribution (including webseries and episodic content)
  • Series, shows, or segments created for television distribution

Branded Content

  • Content that is created as a way to promote, and is funded by, a particular brand

Social Video

  • Video that is created for distribution through an online social network

Please Note: Commercials or programs entered must not have appeared on the national feed of one of the five major TV networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, or CW). However, spots appearing on a local network affiliate are eligible. If you are entering non-broadcast film/video productions and non-network TV programs, you may enter the full program, or a 5- to 10-minute clip that is representative of the entire piece.



  • Entries must be on a USB flash drive/CD/DVD.
  • The preferred format for media files is .mP4. However, we will also accept .mov and DVD.
  • We suggest you enter a 5 to 10 minute clip that is representative of the entire piece, or you may enter a full program/film or video.
  • Entries must have an Entry Label attached to the entry case.
  • If the same piece is entered in more than one category, please note you must pay the entry fee for each category.


  • File size is limited to 300MB.
  • The preferred format for media files is .mp4, but we will also accept .mov.
  • If you choose to upload your files later, instructions for uploading your work can be found in the FAQ section of our website.
  • If the same piece is entered in more than one category, please note you must pay the entry fee for each category.


  • Each entry must be viewable online. You will be asked for the URL during the entry process.
  • Campaign entries (MAXIMUM of 3 pieces per campaign) should be grouped on a single URL.


The Telly Awards Early Entry Fee is $125 (U.S dollars) for single entries and $205 (U.S Dollars) for campaign entries. Campaign entries consist of up to three pieces and may only be submitted in the specific campaign categories listed. An entry may be entered into multiple categories by paying the entry fee for each category entered. Each piece will be judged separately in each category entered. Pieces entered in multiple categories are eligible to win multiple awards.

Final Entry Deadline: March 2nd 2018.

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