The Peer Award for Excellence in People & Performance

August 15, 2017

April 1, 2018

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Awards Description

The Employee’s Experience

Employees “being the strategy” and “living the brand”; How their interaction with their supervisors, co-workers, customers and environment affects behaviours and performance; and/or delivering an experience to employees that leads to a more positive experience for customers.

Employee Engagement

Employees being fully involved in, committed to, satisfied with, enjoying and enthusiastic about their work and taking positive action to further their organisation’s reputation and interests.

Nurturing Talent

Recruiting, retaining, developing, rewarding and encouraging people to perform to the best of their ability and to be effective leaders.

Managing Change

Transitioning individuals and teams to significantly reshape an organisation as smoothly as possible and with minimum negative impact on those affected.

Learning & Development

Training, education and development interventions and strategies typically to enhance the performance of employees by sharpening skills, conveying new concepts, changing existing attitudes and imparting additional knowledge.

Use of Technology

Technology enabling or assisting with, for instance, recruitment and talent management, training, internal communications or the social enterprise.

Addressing different Cultures/Countries

An HR or L&D intervention that needs to take account of geographic or cultural diversity, possibly because it is international in scope.

People & Performance in the Media

Communicating a strategy or intervention to celebrate it within an organisation or externally, for instance using a variety of media.

Influential Leader

A leader that is demonstrably influential in HR or L&D, possibly due to being passionate and focused; confident, assertive and decisive; empowering and communicative.

Effective Team

A group of interdependent individuals that have formed a unit to successfully share responsibility to accomplish a set of goals.

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