The Glossy Awards

January 1, 2018

March 30, 2018

Awards Description

The Glossy Awards honor the brands, media companies and technology firms that are transforming the fashion and luxury industries at a time of seismic change. Winners will be announced at the Glossy Awards Gala in June.

Early Deadline: February 16, 2018 – $395 per entry
Regular Deadline: March 9, 2018 – $495 per entry
Last Chance Deadline: March 30, 2018 – $695 per entry

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    • Best Campaign By A Direct To Consumer Fashion Brand

      Best campaign by a DTC business that increased awareness and revenue for the brand via e-commerce sites and traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

    • Best Campaign By A Traditional Fashion Brand

      Best campaign by a traditional fashion brand that increased awareness and revenue for the brand via e-commerce sites and traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

    • Best Use Of Video By A Fashion Brand

      Best use of video by a brand to distribute content, connect with an audience and communicate messaging.

    • Best In-Store Tech

      Best use of in-store tech by a brand or retailer that embraced new forms of technology to enhance the digital experience for consumers.


    • Best Breakthrough Product (Wearables, Smart Fabric, Etc)

      Best breakthrough product in retail technology that combines fashion, form and function into the perfect blend.

    • New Designer Class Award

      Recognizing an up and coming digital designer that is paving the way for the future of fashion.

    • Best Breakthrough Startup

      Highlighting the best emerging fashion brand that has made its mark on the changing fashion industry.


    • Best Brand-Agency Collaboration

      Recognizing outstanding agency-client collaboration in the development of innovative, effective and creative solutions.

    • Best Influencer Campaign

      Honoring the best collaboration between a fashion or luxury brand and influencer to further the brand’s reach, increase awareness and drive results.


    • Best Campaign By A Beauty Brand

      Best campaign by a beauty brand that increased awareness and revenue for the brand via e-commerce sites and traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

    • Best Use Of VR/AR By A Beauty Brand

      Best use of virtual reality by a beauty brand to achieve brand objectives in impactful ways and immerse users in the branded content experience.

    • Best Use Of Social By A Beauty Brand

      Awarding the beauty brand that has most effectively used a social platform to deliver content and connect with its audience.


    • Best Use Of Instagram By A Brand

      Awarding the brand that has most effectively used Instagram in creative storytelling and audience engagement.

    • Best Use Of Instagram By A Publisher

      Awarding the publisher that has most effectively used Instagram in creative storytelling and audience engagement.

    • Best Use Of Snapchat By A Brand

      Awarding the best use of Snapchat by a brand to promote its brand, product or service utilizing Snapchat’s unique features such as Discover, Live and QR codes.

    • Best Use Of New Platform By A Brand

      The best and most innovative use of breakthrough social platforms such as Tinder, WeChat, Kik or others by a brand to deliver content and connect with its audience.


The judges will be looking for companies or campaigns that can clearly demonstrate success over the past 12 months. We suggest providing evidence to substantiate your entries including, but not limited to, metrics around KPIs, creative assets, links to your work or other items you feel speak to the quality of your submission. Judges will also consider the structure, presentation, and clarity of each entry.

Each section of the entry will be scored based on the following criteria:

– Creativity

– Innovative thinking

– Consumer value

– Results related to KPIs

Entries should relate to business conducted from January 2017-January 2018.


1. Judges score each question within the entry form based on the outlined criteria.

2. These are then combined to create an overall score for each entry.

3. All judges’ scores are totaled and the highest scoring entries will determine the shortlist.

4. Judges meet to discuss the highest scoring entries and then agree on the category winner.


All material will remain confidential to the judges, who are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Winning case studies may be used in post-event materials to promote best practices. Permission will be sought from entrants before publishing.


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