Society of Petroleum Engineers Awards

December 1, 2017

March 1, 2018


Awards Description

SPE awards recognize members for their technical contributions, professional excellence, career achievement, service to colleagues, industry leadership, and public service.

International Awards

International awards recognize individuals and companies who make significant technical and professional contributions to the petroleum engineering profession and to the worldwide oil and gas industry.

Award recipients are announced in July, posted on the SPE website, and published in the Journal of Petroleum Technology. The awards are presented during ATCE.

Nominate a Colleague for an International Award


Membership Awards

Technical Awards

Professional Awards

How to Prepare an Effective Award Nomination

Why take the time?

  • Preparing an effective nomination is the key to presenting the accomplishments of a candidate to the award committee
  • SPE Awards are very competitive! Award committees review many excellent candidates.
  • International committees may not know your candidate.
  • You must communicate to the committee using the nomination. Writing is important.

Why is writing important?

  • Award committees rely on concise and complete nominations
  • Well written nominations allow committee members to use their time effectively
  • Poorly prepared nominations will not highlight the technical or service accomplishments of your candidate
  • You must communicate effectively to give your candidate a good chance

Keys to a Good Nomination

A best practices document is available to assist members in creating a good nomination. Key points are:

  • Start early – The call for nominations begins in November
  • Research the criteria and candidate
  • Write a well documented argument
  • Complete nomination form
  • Request endorsements (international only)
  • Submit by the deadline

Review Award Criteria

Awards fall into three categories:

  • Membership Designations
    • Honorary and Distinguished Membership
  • Professional & Service Awards
    • Service to SPE and to the public
  • Technical Awards
    • Based on SPE technical disciplines and sub disciplines

Select the Appropriate Award

  • Global or regional?
  • Technical or service?
  • Technical discipline and sub discipline?
  • Current professional member of SPE?
  • Age?

Who is Not Eligible?

  • You cannot nominate yourself
  • SPE Board of Directors
  • Award Committee Members (nominated award only)
    • Current and for 2 years after service
  • Honorary Members
  • Members ordinarily resident in countries sanctioned by the US and EU
  • Student Members

Complete a Nomination Form

  • Go to to find links to the forms.
  • You must log in using your SPE email address and password.
    • Use the login help link or contact SPE Customer Service if you do not know your login information.
  • Find your candidate.
  • Search using candidate’s full name or email address.
  • Enter all required information on the form.
  • You must submit to complete the nomination.

Provide Justification

  • Write a concise, one-sentence statement explaining why the candidate should receive the award. (required)
  • Provide specific examples of the candidate’s work that support the award criteria(required)
    • Justification must include specific examples that support the award requirements.
    • This is your opportunity to communicate the best qualifications of your candidate to the judges.

Provide Documentation (For international awards only)

Professional history:

  • Education
  • Job experience
  • Company affiliations
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Organization membership

Optional Documentation (For international awards only)

  • Major Accomplishments
    • Worldwide
    • Local
    • Company
    • Academic
    • Public Service
  • A list of the five publications that represents the candidate’s best work

Solicit Support (For international awards only)

  • Colleagues familiar with the candidate’s work can provide letters in support of the nomination.
  • Letters should contain specific examples that support the award requirements.
  • Letters are highly recommended, but not required.

Nominations are Confidential

  • All SPE Award nomination materials are confidential.
  • SPE staff can only provide the name of the candidate, the nominator, and the award.
  • Members cannot review nomination forms or support letters they did not provide.
  • Candidates cannot review the nomination.

Meet the Deadline

  • The call for nominations begins in November.
  • All SPE award nominations and letters of support must be received by 15 February.
  • Regional Directors may extend their regional award deadline.

Regional Winners

  • Regional technical and service award winners become candidates for international awards in the following year.
  • Regional nominators should use the same level of documentation required for international awards.
  • Letters of recommendation may be submitted for international consideration.
  • International award selection committees may choose not to review incomplete or inadequate


SPE International Awards Program

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