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January 1, 2018

July 12, 2018


Awards Description

Why Compete?

Get ready to win! The International GALAXY Awards, brought to you by MerComm, Inc., is celebrating the best of the best in marketing communications. Nothing says Marketing Success more powerfully than a constellation of award-winning projects. Let your work shine in this stellar creative awards show.

Get set to see your scores and judge’s comments! This detailed evaluation is why dedicated professionals from over 50 countries participate in the GALAXY Awards. You could spend a considerable amount more for an outside consultant and still not get the unbiased critique the GALAXY judges can offer.

Go on to win this prestigious award! Join the luminaries in the marketing profession. Gain the applause you and your team deserve. Put your entries together today. We look forward to the honor of including you in this year’s constellation of winners.

Dates & Deadlines

ARC 2018 Calendar

May 18, 2018: DEADLINE! Entries, Fees and Forms sent by post/courier by Friday 18 May 2018!

August 22, 2018: Winners Notified

September 6, 2018: Grand Award Winners Announced

October 11, 2018: Winners Dinner & ARC Exhibition – Hamburg, Germany!


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Judging Procedures

The GALAXY Awards are sponsored by MerComm, Inc. an independent organization founded with the exclusive purpose of evaluating, measuring and recognizing the standards of excellence. As such, entrants are assured that their work is judged objectively and fairly. The GALAXY program is the only competition that is judged by peers in the profession rather than by editors and advertisers. Further, the GALAXY Awards Competition is unique in that each entry is judged against itself, to the degree that the individual entry achieves its intended purpose. Entries from large or small organizations have an equal playing field at winning. Judging is based not on budget, but on the values of creativity, effectiveness, performance and success, as symbolized by the GALAXY Awards.

Each entry is evaluated three separate times during the preliminary rounds. The three sets of scores are then averaged into a single score for individual entry. A certain minimum score must be achieved to qualify for an award. Awards are given to the top third of the entries. Only one Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honors Award will be given in each classification; however, if no entry scores high enough, no award will be given.

All Gold Award Winners become candidates for the Grand Awards. In addition, one BEST OF SHOW Award will be presented to the one entry that best exemplifies the spirit of the GALAXY Awards.


The International Academy of Communications Arts and Sciences (IACAS)was founded by MerComm to set high standards for various communication specialties and to give professionals in the fields higher status by establishing the definition of excellence. Membership in the Academy is considered an international Who’s Who in the communication industry.

The International Academy of Communications Arts and Sciences recognizes the art of communications in a global economy and the science of the new technologies which enable the worldwide exchange of ideas and information. Members of the judging faculty will evaluate the entries based on the standards of international excellence through the measures of creativity and craft.

Entry Information

Anyone involved in marketing communications can enter, including professionals from advertising agencies, associations, corporations, direct mail companies, graphic design firms, non-profit organizations and public relations agencies, as well as illustrators, photographers, printers, producers, video directors, web-site designers and writers.

Any material produced, or dated from mid July of the last year to mid July of this year is eligible.

The following must be included in order to process your entry:

  • Completed Entry Form
  • 3 Copies of Entry*
  • Entry Fee

* Send 3 sets of originals if at all possible. Judges cannot always evaluate your work properly if in PDF or poor quality copies. An original printed piece has a better impact on the judge. We want your work to win!

Send the Entry Form, Entry Fee, and Entry Materials to:
MerComm/GLX, 500 Executive Blvd, Ste 200
Ossining, NY 10562, USA

The person submitting the entry will be our contact throughout the course of the competition, and will receive all information announcements.

Should your entry win an award, your certificate will be personalized in the following format:

Nominating Company
“Title of Entry”

If you would prefer any variation of the official format, kindly let us know in writing on the Entry Form.

Fees include shipping and handling during the judging rounds, preparation costs for winners’ book, web-site presentations, awards certificate, plaque or trophy (according to level of win), plus the complete evaluation forms and judges’ comments. There is a 5% discount for submitting 5-9 entries in any set of categories or combination of classifications and a 10% discount for 10 or more entries. Please see the Call for Entries Brochure for current Entry Fees.

Payment may be made by U.S. check, American Express, MasterCard, Visa or bank-to-bank transfer. We can no longer accept checks issued on non-U.S.A. banks. Make U.S. checks payable to MerComm/GLX. Credit card payment is also accepted via telephone: 914-923-9400. You may also FAX your entry form to 914-923-9484.
Please contact our office for information concerning bank-to-bank transfers.

Once an entry has been sent out for judging, there can be no refund for any reason.

Entries must be postmarked by this year’s deadline. Nominators will be notified upon receipt of their entries.

Mailing/shipping costs, insurance, and handling fees for all entries are at the entrant’s expense. Duties and taxes must be paid by entrant. Send entry materials along with entry forms and fees. For foreign entries, we suggest you send your material either by airmail or courier service which will deliver them directly to our offices. To hasten your package through customs, please affix or mark in bold lettering outside the package – “Contest Material. No Commercial Value.”

All entries submitted to the competition become the property of the GALAXY Awards and may be used for promotional purposes. Entries will be handled with the utmost care and will be returned when specifically requested on the Entry Form. We will contact you regarding the cost for shipping and handling. Please do not send irreplaceable materials. MerComm, Inc. cannot be held responsible for the replacement cost of the entry(ies).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really need to send 3 copies of our entry for each Category? (We are planning to submit our project into 3 categories – that’s 9 sets of binders!)

Yes! Each entry is sent out to three different judging organizations, so your three categories will be evaluated by nine judge panels. This ensures that your work is fairly evaluated by a wide range of judges from an international perspective.

One of our projects is an oversize calendar. Can we send it as a PDF?

If at all possible, send 3 copies of the original, printed work. Judges look at production values, and they may not be able to properly evaluate your work as a PDF, or if poor quality copies are sent. An original printed piece has a much better impact on the judge. We want to give your work the best possible chance to impress the judges!

We produced an exhibition for which we have hard copies of photos and presentation boards. We also did a movie presenting the project. How many photos are expected and can we send them on a CD/DVD?

There is no fixed number of pictures you should send. Do your best to include as many as you think best shows off the work. Definitely send the video! If there are any print collaterals, such as brochures, press kits, tee-shirts, tote-bags, giveaway gifts, etc., be sure to include samples of these as well. Impress the judges!

We have a piece that is entirely in German/Korean/Turkish, etc. There is no English translation published. Can we still enter it?

Yes! We have judges from all over the world, and your work will be sent to judging organizations which speak your native language.

Can we answer your question? Contact Us!

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