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November 1, 2017

February 1, 2018

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Awards Description

What are the Awards?

The International Business Excellence Awards recognise business excellence from across the world with the Finals and Awards Ceremony being the culmination of an engaging and exciting awards journey for all participants.

The International Business Excellence Awards provide companies from across the world with opportunities to showcase and gain recognition for their hard work and great business results. In line with our commitment to ensuring that the Awards deliver high value for you we have drawn on the expertise of Cranfield School of Management in setting the categories and scoring processes. We will provide networking support throughout the event and benchmarked feedback reports for all entrants at its conclusion.

Who can Enter?

Organisations, teams, individuals – leaders, managers, inspiring people! There are 34 categories to choose from including Sector, Discipline, People and Towards 2020 Categories too!

Why Enter?

Participating in the Awards is not just about competing and celebrating best practice. These Awards offer a unique opportunity to network with other key players from across the world and to hear what others are doing to solve problems within their country or particular sector. To find out more about why you should enter see the “Why Enter” page.

How can I get involved?

It’s simple and straightforward – how to enter! – choose your category(ies) and then complete the online information required about you and your organisation to pay for and access your online Entry Form. Then take your time over completing the online Entry Form – write a bit, save it and keep coming back until you’re ready to submit!

When is the Event?

The Awards will be held on 23rd and 24th April 2018 in Dubai, UAE. With different guest options (Entrant, Judge and Day Guest) you can be sure that the awards will be a memorable day for you.

Where will the Awards take place?

The Awards will be held at one of Dubai’s prestigious Hotels.

What is the Format of the Awards Event?

The format of the Awards is unique and runs over two days. The Finalists will deliver presentations to open judging panels during the two days. On the afternoon of the second day the climax of the event will be the announcement of winners of each Category at the Gala lunch.


Entering Awards brings many benefits to your business.
The International Business Excellence Awards deliver the below and many more due to their unique format of a daytime event and the access to “open” panels for Finalists.


Recognition for Your Achievements

Just think how good it would feel to walk up on the stage and collect your trophy with everyone in your team who made it happen. To be able to add the words ‘Award Winning’ to your website and to help you promote your business! For prospective customers, an Award win can really set you apart from your competitors.


Exposure for You And Your Organisation

The Awards are well publicised. Our media partner Customer Experience Magazine (CXM World) gives the Awards, the Judges, the Finalists and the Winners the opportunity to raise their profile and tell their story. The team at Awards International will also provide you with media support and advice to help you get the most out of your involvement with the Awards.


Return On Investment

Awards influence buying decisions! Boost Marketing, the largest Awards entry consultancy, found that over 80% of businesses and consumers surveyed were influenced by Awards, and almost half (49%) of those surveyed agreed that award-winning suppliers deliver superior products and services, this was the number one factor in selecting suppliers.


Access to CX and Digital Leaders

Entering the Awards gives you access to a network of business leaders and influencers from a truly diverse mix of companies from across the world. There is plenty of time to network throughout the Awards Finals with allocated breaks for sharing ideas with colleagues and new friends.


Share Best Practice

Previous Award Final attendees tell us they really value the opportunity to engage with, and learn from other organisations. As an attendee at the Awards, you will be able to attend ‘open’ Finalist Presentations to find out how other companies are taking their business to the next level, as well as gleaning inside tips to take back to the office.



You will receive valuable feedback from our panel of impartial, independent and expert industry Judges. Make it through to the Finals and you will receive your very own benchmarked feedback report to either give you the reassurance you’re doing everything right, or provide pointers to help you take your initiative to the next level.


Reward & Motivate Your Team

Entering Awards provides an immediate boost to workplace morale, even more so when you involve your team in the entry process. Employees enjoy working for successful companies and winning or being shortlisted for an Award gives you the opportunity to recognise your employees for their contribution to the business – as well as raising their profile internally and externally.


Educate Your Team Whilst Having Fun!

If you make it through to the Finals you’ll join us at a glamorous venue where you will make your presentations to our judging panel. In the afternoon, what better way to enjoy the excitement and anticipation at the Awards Finals with your team over a gala lunch!



Just think how good it would feel to walk up on the stage and collect your trophy with everyone in your team who made it happen. To be able to add the words ‘Award Winning’ to your website and to help you promote your business! For prospective customers, an Award win can really set you apart from your competitors.


Entries are scored using pre-determined criteria, with written entries being assessed to decide short-lists of the Finalists who will go on to make 15 minute presentations to a panel of Judges at the Finals. Scores for live presentation at the event will add to written entry scores to determine overall winners in each category.

Overall Winner Awards will be presented to the entries with one for the highest score in the Sector Specific Categories and one will also be given to the highest score across the Discipline Specific, Categories. These will be announced along with all of the other categories.

All Finalists will receive benchmarked feedback reports to help enable continuous improvement, showing their performance against other Finalists, including Winners.

There are a standard set of 7 Criteria across all of the Categories. Each Criterion has 100 marks available. All 7 criteria will be used for both the short listing of Finalists (by the Screening Panel) and for scoring written entries by the Finalist Judging Panel. Finalist presentations will be scored against criteria 2-6 only.

Please click on the “Scoring Entries pdf” button below for further information on the scoring process and how entries are scored, including the criteria questions as they will be shown on the official Entry Form.

Scoring Entries PDF Download Now

Each category has been meticulously developed to consider the key issues in international business as well as being aligned with internationally recognised industry classification systems.

Decide if you are going to make a Sector specific, Discipline specific or People specific entry for the IBX Awards based on the category titles below.

Categories – making a choice Download PDF

Multiple category entry

Having decided on one entry, it may be the content can quickly be adapted to submit multiple entries. Your entry may also suit a different Category and indeed make a great individual or team entry. Maximise your chances of winning by entering multiple categories.


Business Formation Company – Companies responsible for issuing business permits and licenses, employee visa and regulating the business requirements. This could be for on-shore, off-shore and Free Zone company formations.

Family Business – Any business in which two or more family members are involved and the majority of ownership or control lies within a family. The business need to include governance and how they were able to be successful.

Financial Services Banking & Investment – Banking & Investment Services, Insurance, Mortgage, Investment Trusts, Pensions, Auxiliary Financial Services.

Professional Services – Professional, Scientific and Technical activities.

Automotive, Travel and Transport – Air travel, car dealership, car hire, repair, roadside assistance, car servicing, logistics, delivery services, Commercial Airlines.

Shipping and Maritime – Shipment, Port Operation, Cargo, Marine, Maritime Services

Real Estate and Construction – Real estate development, property, buildings or housing, Construction of Buildings, Civil Engineering, Specialised Construction Activities, Construction Materials.

Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment – Hotels, holidays, cinemas, gyms, ticketing, Hospitality, Art, Entertainment, Recreation and Sport and any other providers of related services, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Reservation Services.

Wellbeing & Health – Healthcare equipment & supplies, Healthcare providers & services, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Medical Research, Medical & Dental practice, Nutritionists & Dieticians, Alternative Medicine.

Government Services – Public administration, NGOs, Defense, Other Governmental Departments.

Energy – Coal, Oil and Gas, Oil and Gas related equipment & services, Renewable Energy, Electricity, Water & Multiutilities.

Manufacturing – Industrial Goods Manufacturing, Technology Manufacturing, Textiles & Apparel, Homebuilding Equipment Manufacturing, Aerospace Manufacturing, Aerospace Parts, Maritime Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing, Automotive Parts.

Retail – Diversified Retailers, Specialist Retailers, Online Retailers.

Technology and Smart Technology – Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, Communications Equipment, Communications & Office Equipment, Software & IT Services, Mobile Applications, Online Technologies, Software as a Service.

Telecommunications and Information – Fixed line telecommunications, Mobile Telecommunications, Communication Services, New Economy Communications.

SME – Medium, Small & Micro Organisations.

Food and Beverage (F&B) – Restaurants, Cafes, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing.

Education – Private Education, Public Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Further Education.



Choose The Relevant Category And Complete Your Entry Form

Choose the relevant category(ies) for your initiative, make your payment and receive all important entry form(s). Get the team together and collate all the evidence you need to prove how your project or people have made a real difference. When preparing your entry, remember, you may need to transform it into a presentation to the judging panel, should you be shortlisted to be a Finalist.


Submit Your Entry

When your entry is complete, upload it to our website. The deadline is 01stFebruary 2018 for judging.


Wait To Hear If Your Entry Has Been Shortlisted

Once entries have closed, your submission will be assessed to see if it has got what it takes to make it through to the Awards Finals. The shortlist of Finalists will be announced on the 08th February 2018. The Finalists will be invited to present at the Awards Finals and Presentations on 23rd and 24th April 2018.


Prepare Yourself for The Awards Finals

It’s now time to decide who is going to present at the Awards Finals and Presentations. Once you have decided on your dream team, it’s over to them to transform your online entry into a presentation, in readiness for your live pitch to the judging panel.


Book Your Place at the Awards Finals and Presentations

Don’t forget to bring your team along. This is a great way to bring your pitch to life as well as giving you a chance to say “thank you” for all their hard work! Whilst you are booking your seats, your original entry submission will be judged online by your judging panel prior to the Awards Finals.


Awards Finals and Presentations

Come along, present your initiative in the morning, enjoy the Awards lunch, network and learn best practice from the leaders in your industry. Then it’s time to discover, who has won this year’s International Business Excellence Awards.


Receive Your Benchmark Feedback Report

After the awards finals, we will collate all of the scores and feedback from your Judging panel to produce your ‘Benchmark Feedback’ report. This will highlight how the judges scored your entry and how these scores compared to the other finalists in your category. It will also detail all of the feedback provided by the judges based upon both your written entry and live presentations.

Completing the details below and paying your Entry Fee will enable us to provide you the Official Entry Form for the International Business Excellence Awards 2018.


  • Complete all sections of the form below
  • Make additional Entries to increase your chances of winning
  • Make your payment
  • Receive the Official Entry Form(s)

Entry Fees

The Entry Fee is $475 for each Entry.
Remember the Entry Deadline is 01st February 2018

The Entry Fee enables you to access:

  • The Official Entry Form – entries will only be accepted if submitted using this form
  • Scoring and judging of your entry – firstly for short listing and then, if you are successful, at the Awards Finals Event
  • Benchmarked feedback reports – on your entry or entries that summarise your score versus the other Finalists and Winners, or provide you with a constructive critique
  • Publicity about your success as a Finalist or Winner (as appropriate) via comprehensive marketing campaign
  • The Awards logo to use in your merchandising – Finalist or Winner, depending on how well you do
  • An opportunity to network with all entrants using our Linkedin Group

Note that the entry fee only pays for your access to the entry forms and submission. It does not cover the fees for any seats at the Awards Finals and Ceremony.

Remember the Entry Deadline is 01st February 2018


Meet the Judges who will be bringing their industry knowledge and category specific skillsets to assess this year Awards Finalists. Of course we also take care to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and all Judges also sign a confidentiality agreement.

Many past entrants have found it beneficial to take part in judging to help with entry structure and content in future years. Of course you cannot judge in the same category as you or your company are entering but there are plenty of categories to get involved in to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

This page is constantly being updated as more Judges are approved to be part of the panels. Make sure you revisit it to discover more about our Judges.

If you are interested in applying to Judge at the Awards why not visit our “Apply to Judge” page to find out more and to see whether you would benefit from joining the Judges below.

Anas AlmarieDirector of Training

Ismail Al HammadiManaging Director

Naveed KashifDirector Corporate Services

Amer ZureikatCEO & Co-Founder


We welcome partnership with organisations who have significant networks and with whom we can work together with mutual benefit.

If you think sponsoring or partnering the Awards might be right for you and to discuss the packages available, please contact Mark Hamill on 00971 56 752 2028 or email at


Contact Information

Event/Gala/Luncheon Details

April 23, 2018

Jumeirah Beach Hotel Jumeirah Rd, PO Box 11416 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 348 0000

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