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February 7, 2018

September 20, 2018

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Awards Description

Welcome to the 2018 New York Design Awards.

We’re in exciting times, where tech and innovation are creating an infinite realm of possibilities. The key to making those possibilities reality is extraordinary design.  The New York Design Awards program provides marketplace recognition across an extensive range of categories and celebrates the creativity and courage of those who are leading the way.

[get involved] join a community DRIVENxDESIGN and nominate your project today.

Category Listing

Why Nominate

Being recognised for an Award offers a distinct competitive advantage to those offering products and services to a highly visible, global market. It provides recognition of excellence for current and prospective employees, investors, clients and customers, and industry collaborators and partners.

DRIVENxDESIGN award programs also offer a unique platform for brands to reach a highly specialised audience through the Awards communication streams.

The Awards are open to anyone with an interest in developing products and services that are designed to have both a commercial and market impact.

Immediate benefits on nomination submission are:

  • After review all nominations are shortlisted and displayed on the awards website visible to our extensive audience.
  • You will also receive a notification email with promotional tools including awards logos.
  • Nominations will be featured in our eNewsletter, media releases and social media channels

As a marketplace platform, the awards provides an opportunity to:

  • Promote your courage, innovation, creativity and craft leadership to your peers across three continents
  • Gain marketplace exposure of your project or brand
  • Increase awareness of your work and gain marketplace and peer comment
  • Provide a mark of distinction for your project or brand
  • Selected award winning projects will be invited to participate in the associated design summit.  This is a live interview and puts your design work and team front and center as design leaders.

The Awards enable your brand to:

  • Benchmark your work
  • Impress clients and customers
  • Boost confidence in your products and services
  • Add unmistakable gravitas to your marketing materials
  • Boost employee morale and demonstrate company pride in their work
  • Demostrate your business is listening to and adapting to your clients’ and customers’ needs
  • Stand out from your competition by being recogized as an award winner

According to a study by the University of Leicester*, award winning companies experienced:

  • Higher growth in sales over non-award winning companies by an average of 77%
  • Higher increases in operating income over non-award winning companies by an average of 18%
  • Higher growth in assets over non-award winning companies by an average of 44%

*Source: University of Leicester, sponsored by the British Quality Foundation (BQF) and the European Foundation for Quality Management (, based over a period of 11 years.

How to nominate your project

Nominating is an easy online process comprising of five simple steps:

  1. If you don’t already have one, set up your DxD account. From here you’ll be able to control all aspects of your submission.
  2. Have a good look at the program’s category list. Here you can work out where your nomination best fits into the awards.
  3. Create your nomination. Simply fill out the online form with the relevant information regarding your submission and upload any supporting media. We accept all major image files. Video footage must be submitted in the appropriate YouTube or Vimeo format.
    If your nomination is a client commissioned project, this is the time to notify your client for their input and approval – the awards process is about recognition for both creators and commissioners.
  4. Edit your nomination. Feel free to return to your nomination and edit it any time before the final deadline. Remember to click save so as not to lose your updated work.
  5. Submit your nomination. When you’re happy with your nomination click submit to make your final submission. The nomination fee is payable online and please remember that your nomination can’t be reviewed until it’s been submitted and paid for.


  • Provide interesting copy. The more relevant and interesting your nomination is, the more likely people are going to engage with it.
  • Supply great imagery. Highlight your nomination’s innovation and design through simple clean images. The better the imagery is, the better your nomination will look on the site. You can include up to 10 images.
  • Include everyone. Make sure you bring all parties to the table, including the Project Creator – usually the design studio or agency – and the Project Creator – normally the client or project sponsor. Don’t forget to list the Project Team and any collaborators or suppliers.
  • Focus on the user. Really show how the user engages with your project by focusing on the user experience and relevancy.
  • Get in early. The sooner you enter the awards the longer your nomination is visible on the site. This means more exposure.
  • Promote. Let your community know about your nomination by adding your nomination URL to your website, social media and email newsletters.

How do the ratings work?

Or in other words, how do I win an award?


The aim of all DRIVENxDESIGN award programs is to engender an appreciation for the value of design in more than just designers. Everyone consumes design whether it be a Faberge egg or a roll of toilet paper.

Those who commission and consume design are the lifeblood of those who create design. This is a marketplace where both have to co-exist. The quality of design choices we make every day should be a mix of sound, commercial understanding and courageous, relevant design.

One cannot live without the other.

This is why our rating process collects ratings from both the Panel comprised of industry experts who have an understanding of design from both an aesthetic and marketplace perspective and the marketplace who commission and consume those designs.

Rating process

Many awards programs employ knock-out process where work if viewed and either included or excluded through a series of rounds until the final few are debated buy a jury.

DRIVENxDESIGN award programs use a rating model this removes any inherent biases among judges and means that projects are awarded according to collective ratings rather than  one strong opinion in the room.

Community ratings provides additional insight from the design community without the pitfalls of a popularity contest. With likes or up votes the quantity of votes will change the outcome with ratings the quality of the review shines through.

Panel ratings: Every Panel member is given a number of nominations to rate. Every nomination is viewed by at least two panel members. The nomination is rated across the criteria including:

  • The project brief
  • The response to the brief
  • Overall quality of the project

Each Criteria is rated out of 5 and the score is averaged.  Panel members can only rate a project once and if they or their organisation was involved with the project, then they abstain from rating.

DRIVENxDESIGN Community ratings: Members of the community include design peers, commissioners and those that consumer design. They also provide a rating out of five. However, their rating is only placed against one criteria:

Overall quality of the project

All ratings for each project are aggregated and averaged. Awards are provided to the leading nomination with the highest average. Any projects that share the same rating will be referred back to the Panel for final consideration with the Awards Chairman having the final say if there is still a deadlock.

And for the “Best Of” awards?

The Best Studio & Design Champion Awards highlight the depth of work from design creators and commissioners.

The Best Ofs are determined by their aggregate rating across nominations. In fact, the first time we awarded the Best Studio we had one recipient who hadn’t won a individual award but was a strong runner up in many categories. The result was a triumph for their commitment to excellent work and an opportunity for those who show consistent performance to be recognised.

Best Studio awards are awarded to less than 5, 5-20 and 20+ providing recognition for both major and boutique studios. The Design Champion Award is awarded to the commissioning organisation that has demonstrated the most courage through sponsoring projects that expand the use of design and show industry leadership.

You can’t directly nominate in to the a “Best Of” – nominate first into the relevant category and then you’re project will be automatically considered.

Voucher & Supporter Packs 2018

Voucher Packs
Voucher packs are a great way to nominate multiple projects, increase your profile and build your brand across driven x design. They can be redeemed to nominate projects, grow your profile with feature content, boost your exposure through an ad package or share your design story through a project film.

Nominating multiple projects also builds standing in the Best Studio categories in each award program – these categories are based on an aggregated score of project ratings and past winners typically nominate between 4-8 projects.

Supplier Pack
Suppliers or brands can use voucher packs to nominate projects where their product has been specified and features prominently. These nominations are attributed to the overall creator, but the supplier and their product is featured prominently and credited accordingly. This is a great way to recognise and celebrate those who specify your product.

Supporter Pack
Show that you’re driven x design with a Supporter Pack. Supporters receive 14 vouchers, a dedicated feature and recognition for being driven x design with an Ad Package that links to a collection of nominated projects, feature articles or project films.

Suppliers are also encouraged to purchase supporter packs to increase their exposure through Ad Packages, supported nominations or product films.

Previously nomination packs, Voucher & Supporter Packs are available in the following currencies and programs


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