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December 1, 2017

March 26, 2018

Awards Description


Over the past seven years, the Global Editors Network has organised the Data Journalism Awards competition to celebrate and credit outstanding work in the field of data-driven journalism worldwide.

The 2018 edition is now launched and data journalism teams from around the world have until 26 March 2018 to apply


The Data Journalism Awards competition is welcoming one new member of the jury for 2018: Jacqui Maher, an interactive journalist who formerly worked for Condé Nast International, the New York Times and the BBC. You can find a list of all jury members here.

This year, we also have a new list of categories including prizes such as ‘Best Data Journalism Team‘ and ‘Innovation in Data Journalism‘.

Participants get to apply directly on this website.


Started in 2012, the competition is organised by the Global Editors Network, with support from the Google News Lab, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Last year it received 573 projects, from 51 countries, representing the 5 continents. Previous winning organisations include BuzzFeed, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ProPublica, La Nación as well as smaller organisations such as Rutas Del Conflicto, Civio Foundation and Convoca.

This year the prizes are worth $1,801 (US) each and will be awarded on 31 May 2018 at a special ceremony and gala dinner in Lisbon during the GEN Summit 2018.

Simon Rogers, Data Editor at Google News Lab, is the director of the competition which takes place under the presidency of Paul Steiger, Executive Chairman of ProPublica’s board of directors. Marianne Bouchart is the manager of the competition.

But why a $1801 cash prize?

Because it’s in 1801 that the pie chart was allegedly created by William Playfair. Plus, we wanted a fun fact to joke about! Feel like knowing more about pie charts through history? Check out this link.


The Data Journalism Awards 2018 will deliver a $1,801 (US) cash prize and a trophy to each winner of the twelve categories below.

The Global Editors Network and its jury members wish you the best of luck for this year’s competition and look forward to discovering your projects.

Best data journalism team

Description: Based on quality of content, frequency and variety of approaches covered. A maximum of ten examples per entry.

Open to organisations/teams only from any country in the world.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Best individual portfolio

Description: Based on quality of content, frequency and variety of approaches covered. A maximum of ten examples per entry.

Open to individuals only from any country in the world.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Chartbeat award for best use of data in a breaking news story, within first 36 hours

Description: Best data-driven journalism project around a breaking news story within the first 36 hours of the story breaking. Based on quality of content, frequency and variety of subjects covered. This award is sponsored by Chartbeat.

Open to individuals and organisations worldwide of all sizes.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Data journalism website of the year

Description: Best data-driven journalism website, based on quality of content, frequency and variety of approaches.

Open to individuals and organisations worldwide of all sizes.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Data visualisation of the year

Description: Best interactive or static visualisation based on one or several datasets. May be self-contained or combined with a story, but must accomplish a journalistic purpose and use data significantly.

Open to individuals and organisations worldwide of all sizes.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Innovation in data journalism

Description: Awarded to the entry which leverages new technologies and innovative techniques to either visualise data or tell a data journalism story (AI, bots, automated process, etc.). Judges are not looking for large amounts of money spent, but for imagination in the way the story is uncovered and told.

Open to individuals and organisations worldwide, of all sizes.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Investigation of the year

Description: Best data-driven investigation, which uses data collection and analysis to disclose or bring light on a topic of public interest.

Open to individuals and organisations worldwide of all sizes.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


News data app of the year

Description: Best data journalism application. Interactivity is essential and the project should provide both explanation of the topic and user engagement.

Open to individuals and organisations worldwide of all sizes.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Open data

Description: Using freedom of information and/or other levers to make crucial datasets open and accessible for re-use and for creating data-driven journalism projects and stories. Publishing the data used for the project will be an advantage for applicants in this category.

Open to individuals and organisations worldwide of all sizes.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Public choice

Description: An entry of high excellence selected out of the 2018 Shortlist by members of the public.

Open to individuals and organisations worldwide of all sizes. The winning project will be picked by members of the public out of the list of shortlisted projects released in April 2018 across all categories.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Small newsrooms (one or more winners)

Description: The Data Journalism Awards jury will have the option of conferring “Small newsroom” awards on one or more entries of high merit from any category.

 These prizes are dedicated to teams from organisations employing 30 editorial staff or less (overall number of editorial staff, not just those working on the project). Winners will be picked by the jury out of the shortlisted projects released in April 2018.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Student and young data journalist of the year

Description: This award will bring light on the outstanding work of a new talent in data journalism, for projects done while they are still studying or early in their professional careers.

Open to all data journalists under the age of 27 (including students). Submissions can include one or as many as ten pieces of data journalism.

Prize: $1801 + a trophy


Here we list all of the rules for  the Data Journalism Awards 2018 competition. Still not sure whether you qualify for a prize? Contact us at


Who is eligible for an award?

The Data Journalism Awards competition celebrates outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide. It can be won by any media organisation, big or small.

The awards are given to examples of data-driven articles or investigations, data-driven applications and storytelling projects that use data visualisation, to cover topics relevant to the general public and aiming at having an impact on society.

Media companies, non-profit organisations and freelancers or individuals are all eligible for the Data Journalism Awards. Works produced by individuals or teams of staffers from media companies and non-profit organisations, as well as freelancers or individuals are all eligible for entry.

Works that are the result of a collaboration between organisations may also be submitted. Works produced by staffers or freelancers collaborating with government agencies, business or trade organisations with a stake (financial or of other nature) in the issue at hand are not eligible. In other words, the awards are not given to business data visualisations or projects produced for branding purposes.

Works that include significant input from members of the jury or the pre-jury will not be accepted for entry into the competition.

The Data Journalism Awards administrators have the final authority to determine whether an entry is eligible or not.

Competition Rules

Entries to the 2018 competition can be submitted until 26 March 2018 at 23:59 GMT. All work must have been published or aired between 10 April 2017 and 26 March 2018.

The finalists shortlisted for awards will be announced in April 2018, and the winning projects will be revealed at the 2018 ceremony and gala dinner in Lisbon on 31 May 2018, during the GEN Summit 2018.

All submission forms must be filled in English. Entries in languages other than English will be accepted provided that they are accompanied by thorough explanations of the work in English and a translation if possible. Words included in graphics, databases and web applications must also be translated. Radio material must be transcribed in English and video material must contain English subtitles. If a work originally published in a language other than English passes the pre-jury selection stage, applicants may be asked to provide additional information and translations.

Entries are allowed to have been published on any other media platform: online, radio, audio, broadcast, print or a combination of platforms.

Entries are allowed to be an individual work or a series of works.

There is no limit to the amount of entries that can be submitted by one applicant.

During the jury process will choose which category is most adequate for shortlisted projects, although you will be given the opportunity to choose your preferred category in the application form (but you can only pick one).

There are no submission fees.

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