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January 23, 2018

March 30, 2018

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As a marketing professional, you are all too familiar with the process that it takes to see a project through from its conception to completion.  Initially, you are overwhelmed with the pressure of meetings, strategies, worries, changes and countless creatives and proofs.  Not all is lost.  Soon comes the excitement and justification when the project is completed and successful!  No one understands what you’ve been through more than industry experts that have spent careers very similar to your own.  Your hard work deserves a chance to shine… to really shine. Imagine that project getting the recognition it deserves!

Since the inception of The Aster Awards Program back in 2002, there hasn’t been another like it.  With the most inclusive groups and categories in healthcare advertising, the Aster Awards is the nation’s most elite competition dedicated to recognizing the most talented healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence in advertising, marketing and communications.  If you have a marketing campaign or individual advertising project that shows your creativity and professionalism, consider entering the 2018 Aster Awards Program.

Winning entries, judged by a diverse panel of industry experts, are published in the Marketing Healthcare Today magazine. A Best of Show trophy, Judge’s Choice trophies, as well a Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates are granted to winning entries exemplifying excellence.  Winning entries must score in the top tiers amongst similar sized organizations.


1. Advertising Specialty 

2. Annual Report

3a. Billboard Design – Single Entry

3b. Billboard Design – Series 

4. Blogs

5a. Brochure Advertising – Folded/Panels

5b. Brochure Advertising – Multiple Pages

5c. Brochure Advertising – Series 

6. Calendar

7a. Direct Mail Piece – Single Entry

7b. Direct Mail Piece – Series 

8a. E-Newsletter – Single Entry

8b. E-Newsletter – Series 

9a. Flyer – Single Entry

9b. Flyer – Series 

10. Internal Campaign 

11. Invitations

12. Logo Design/Letterhead

13a. Magazine Ad Design – Single Entry

13b. Magazine Ad Design – Series 

14a. Magazine Publication – Single Entry

14b. Magazine Publication – Series 

15. Mobile Apps

16a. Multilingual Advertising – Single Entry

16b. Multilingual Advertising – Series 

17a. Newsletter/Internal – Single Entry

17b. Newsletter/Internal – Series 

18a. Newsletter/External – Single Entry

18b. Newsletter/External – Series 

19a. Newspaper Advertising – Single Entry

19b. Newspaper Advertising – Special Tabloid

19c. Newspaper Advertising – Insertion Piece

19d. Newspaper Advertising – Series 

20a. Outdoor Transit – Single Entry

20b. Outdoor Transit – Series 

21a. Patient Education – Single Entry

21b. Patient Education – Series 

22. Patient Handbook

23a. Pharmaceutical Education – Single Entry

23b. Pharmaceutical Education – Series 

24a. Photo/Illustration – Single Entry

24b. Photo/Illustration – Series 

25. Physician Directory

26a. Physician Referral Program – Single Entry

26b. Physician Referral Program – Series 

27. Pocket Folder

28a. Poster/Displays – Single Entry

28b. Poster/Displays – Series 

29a. Professional Recruitment – Single Entry

29b. Professional Recruitment – Series 

30a. Publication/Internal – Single Entry

30b. Publication/Internal – Series 

31a. Publication/External – Single Entry

31b. Publication/External – Series 

32a. Radio Advertising – Single Entry

32b. Radio Advertising – Series 

33a. Self Promotion – Single Entry

33b. Self Promotion – Series 

34a. Service Line Promotions – Bariatric Services 

34b. Service Line Promotions – Behavioral Health 

34c. Service Line Promotions – Cancer Services 

34d. Service Line Promotions – Cardiac/Vascular Services 

34e. Service Line Promotions – Children’s Services

34f. Service Line Promotions – Emergency Services 

34g. Service Line Promotions – Home Health & Hospice 

34h. Service Line Promotions – Orthopedic Services 

34i. Service Line Promotions – Physician Relations 

34j. Service Line Promotions – Rehab Services 

34k. Service Line Promotions – Senior Services 

34l. Service Line Promotions – Surgical Services 

34m. Service Line Promotions – Women’s Services 

34n. Service Line Promotions – Other/Misc. 

35a. Social Media – Single Entry

35b. Social Media – Series 

36. Special Events 

37a. Special Video Production – Single Entry

37b. Special Video Production – Series 

38. Total Advertising Campaigns 

39a. TV/Video Advertising – Single Entry

39b. TV/Video Advertising – Series 

40. Virtual Tours

41. Website Design (URL address)

42a. Website Advertising (Banners, etc.) – Single Entry

42b. Website Advertising (Banners, etc.) – Series 

43. Other/Miscellaneous Material 


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