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November 1, 2017

February 1, 2018

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The World Media Awards have been established to demonstrate the effectiveness of cross platform, cross border, content-driven advertising. Organised by the World Media Group, with an independent Jury including international advertisers, agency experts and editorial specialists, the Awards celebrate bold and creative strategies for engaging with international, influential audiences.

price for viagra in india Why enter the World Media Awards?

  • Demonstrate your capability to deliver great ideas for advertisers with multinational budgets.
  • Have your work judged by an independent jury of leading advertising clients, agency representatives and international media owners.
  • See your work celebrated in an advertising campaign valued at €500K, published by the World Media Group’s leading international media brands.
  • These not-for-profit awards are simply about benchmarking the best work: they are free to enter.  All we ask is that you consider donating to our chosen charity, Reporters Without Borders.  Click here to find out more.


Entries are invited in the following categories:

  • automativeFor the campaigns behind international automotive brands, whether launching a new product or engaging with influencers to promote your corporate approach to an issues agenda.
  • Brand-Media-Owner-PartnershipThis category – new for 2018 – recognises that when brand and media owners work together on content initiatives, special campaigns, events, or other partnership-based promotions, the effective uplift for both brands can be powerful. Our jury will be looking for great brand partnership matches, innovative thinking and effective implementation for an international audience.
  • corportateinfluencerA category that recognises the value in promoting the corporate brand to an international audience of government and business leaders, investors and influencers. Whether building the reputation for the corporate brand behind the products in any of the above market sectors, or for other market sectors not included in this list, for example: pharma, energy, property, transport, infrastructure, manufacturing, retail, business services or consulting.
  • financialThe winner in this category could be a corporate brand strategy for a financial services business, or a strategy designed to promote specific financial services products and solutions to an international audience
  • Luxury-Lifestyle-FashionA category for those marketing lifestyle and luxury brands to the most discerning international customers and high net worth individuals – telling stories to drive aspiration and desire for fashion, jewellery, watches, property, alcohol or other lifestyle and luxury experiences and products.
  • Brand-Media-Owner-PartnershipThis category will recognise the global storytelling and engagement required in the media and entertainment sector – whether promoting a major global entertainment brand launch or building and maintaining the brand credibility for an international media brand.
  • technologyFor campaigns targeting governments, business customers, early adopters or even the tech-averse, this category sets out to recognise the effective communication of complex products, new technology advances, essential infrastructure and the brands behind the technology driving the digital revolution
  • travelThe winner in this category will demonstrate the power of storytelling and the opportunity to convey the attraction of a destination or travel experience – entries are invited from tourism promotion boards, destinations, hotels, airlines and other tourism related businesses or transport
  • grand prixThe Jury Award – the Grand Prix winner will be selected by the Jury from the winners of the other categories


The Jury for the World Media Awards 2018 has been brought together to reflect the breadth of skills required to create and coordinate winning international media campaigns. The Jury is co-chaired by a client, an agency strategist and an international news editor – reflecting the advantages of the effective partnerships which we hope to see in the entries. The day jobs of our judges include creating and editing the content for leading media brands, planning communication strategy for leading global brands, generating the ideas and creating the content for international advertising campaigns, and generating the buzz that shares the brand stories through PR and social media. And of course our Jury includes clients – the people who pay the bills and need to see effective results.The judging process for the World Media Awards will have two phases – an online shortlisting process, followed by a meeting of our jury to select the winner in each category and choose their Grand Prix winner.  We do not ask you to create expensive video summaries of your entry but, if you are a finalist, we do invite you to present your entry direct to the Jury – in person, or by videoing a 3 minute pitch to camera and sending it in.




  • Advertisers and their agencies are invited to enter campaigns from 2017 for any category
  • Media owners are permitted to enter two categories:
    • Enter campaigns promoting your own media brand in to the Media & Entertainment Category, where you are – in fact – the client
    • Enter the Brand & Media Owner Partnership category, where we are looking for great matches between the media brand and the client brand on a specific project or campaign, where the uplift for both brands can be powerful
  • A minimum of 75% of the campaign activity must have been implemented in 2017
  • Campaigns must be truly international – whether multi-country, pan regional or global, your strategy must have intentionally targeted audiences in at least 4 countries

How to enter step-by-step

1. We are inviting written entries, supported by your chosen images or videos. We recommend that you draft your entry on the downloadable entry template form, which will invite you to describe the branding challenge, the thinking behind the strategy, the method of implementation and the results. Please secure colleague or client approval and gather your supporting materials before uploading your entry to the official entry site.

2. Please ensure that your entry adheres to the maximum word counts:

– The Challenge: 300 words
– The Strategy: 400 words
– The Implementation: 400 words
– The Results: 300 words

3. You are invited to submit no more than three supporting documents, which might include, for example:

– Imagery from the creative work, perhaps in its media placement
– Screenshots or videos of digital or interactive creative
– Charts or graphics illustrating the results achieved
Supporting materials can be in the following formats: pdf, jpeg, jpg,mp3,m4v,mov,mp4, wmv

4. Please note the following when naming your entry and considering who to credit:

– Entry titles should not include any media owner or media brand names
– There is an opportunity to credit all agencies and media owners in the credits section of the entry form. Advertisers and agencies only will be credited in the winners’ announcement advertising campaign run through World Media Group member brands.

5. When you have your written entry and supporting materials ready, please click on the ENTER NOW button where you will be asked to register your details, copy and paste your written entry and upload your supporting materials.

6. All entries must be received by the published extended entry deadline: Thursday 1 Feb 2018.

7. There is no fee payable with your entries. However, you are invited to make a voluntary donation to our chosen charity, Reporters Without Borders, an international non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes and defends freedom of information and freedom of the press.

The shortlisted entries in each category will be announced on Wednesday 21 February 2018. We will then provide shortlisted entrants with the opportunity to provide extra material for the final Jury meeting, scheduled to take place on 1 March in London.

  • You may submit a 3 minute video/ppt summarising the highlights of your entry
  • Alternatively, you will be invited to come to meet the Jury and provide a 3 minute presentation of the highlights of your entry in person
  • OR, if geography / timing does not permit, you will be invited to submit a 3-minute video of you presenting the highlights of your entry


1. Start early – creating a great entry and gathering the right information takes time, so give yourself at least four weeks to put your application on a solid footing.
2. Crowd source – use the template to draft and share your entry to get your colleagues’ feedback and ideas
3. Create a story – the World Media Awards are all about telling great stories for your brands, now tell the story of your campaign. Judges like a clear narrative.
4. Keep to the point – focus on what the judges are asking for and ensure that you demonstrate how the client, agency and media owner have worked in partnership to create and implement a great idea and deliver amazing results.
5. Follow the rules – 75% of the work must have happened in 2017. Your campaign must have covered 4 or more countries.
6. Prove it – we can’t take your word that your campaign was effective, we’ll need to see the evidence. In an ideal world, your results will reflect your original objectives!
7. Show us the work – you can upload up to 3 supporting documents and it’s great for judges to see the story you’ve been telling. Choose carefully – the best images, most evocative stats. But don’t let this substitute for the description of your campaign.

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