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October 1, 2017

April 2, 2018


Awards Description

Recognising Outstanding Achievement in Human Resources Leadership


A Guide to submitting a Nomination

We understand the work involved in submitting a nomination, especially the time and resources, but who could do it better than HR people? It is healthy to see your projects and strategies being appreciated by you and other colleagues from other organisations. We also know that those who go through the process are often amazed at how informative it is.HRP Magazine Awards will be the most sensational and enticing night of your HR career.

There are 10 categories of HRP Magazine Awards for 2018. This Guide will walk you through the nomination process,
There are two ways to participate in the Awards.

  1. Nomination by Panel saddled with the responsibility of identifying Organisations and people who have excelled in HR Practices in Nigeria.
  2. Self-nomination by the organisations

Please take your time to go through all of the guidelines and carefully put together your submission in line with the stated requirements.

All companies registered under the Companies Affairs Commission of Nigeria and who are in operation on or before October 2016 are eligible for a nomination. Entry must be related to events, programmes, strategies and projects between February 2016 and December 2017. All entries are submitted online.

An executive summary must be provided for each category submitted.

Submission Format:
The submission should include a one-page executive summary.
The report should be double-spaced using font type Arial size 12 on a single side of an A4 sized per paper.
The maximum size of each file to be uploaded must be no larger than 3MB . A file represents an award category.
The maximum length of the report (excluding charts, diagrams, appendices, tables, references etc) is 2000 words for each category submission

To start your online submission, click on complete the entry form which will take you through the form step-by-step. You will be asked to provide your company details and to upload your completed entry forms and any supporting documents you wish to add.

On completion of the process, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your entry. Please note the reference number which will appear on this confirmation email for use on any further correspondence.

Submissions Opens at 12.01am on the 1st October 2017
Submission form Closing date: by 11.59pm on 2nd of April 2018

Supporting material:
In addition to the entry documents, you may include supporting material. Supporting material does not contribute to the 2000 word limit of the entry document. Supporting materials may include, but is not limited to Photographs, Testimonials, Graphs/data, Copies of any printed material (brochures etc)

Please scan the supporting material and upload online. Please list all supporting material that will be accompanying this submission (including all items posted/uploaded).

*Supporting material: Supplementary materials must be uploaded online in PDF, JPEG or GIF format only

And finally, remember to book your table for this sell-out event!!
Submitting an entry does not guarantee a sitting at the event.

Please scan the supporting material and upload online. Please list all supporting material that will be accompanying this submission (including all items posted/uploaded).

*Supporting material: Supplementary materials must be uploaded online in PDF,, JPEG or GIF format only

And finally…remember to book your table for this sell out event!!
Submitting an entry does not guarantee a sitting at the event.

For any clarifications please contact :

(Some tips)

There are definitely a few golden rules for assembling a good entry. Here are some tips:

1. Put yourself in the judges’ shoes. You have been nominated because some assessment was completed on your organisation through questionnaires and interviews therefore you already have what it takes to be the best and most outstanding in the category you have been nominated for .Think of what would really impress the judges ? What do you do that your competitors don’t do? Think hard about this and work out what makes you special and distinctive. Our judges are all senior people and you need to think about your entry from their perspective.

2. Facts are very powerful; and waffle or generalities cut very little ice with the judges. Remember, there are lots of ways of presenting data, and one may look a lot stronger than the others. For example, if your calendar year performance was better than your financial year, use this data. If your sales figures look dreadful, but your new enquiry levels are looking much healthier, focus on these. And remember there are some great ways of presenting graphs (the axis doesn’t need to start at zero, which can make the steepness of growth figures look more impressive).
We’re not advocating you twist the truth; but we do feel it’s within the rules for you to make the strongest possible case for your firm.

3. Don’t write more than you’ve been asked to supply. There is a limit on the number of words you can submit. Don’t go above this (the judges won’t read reams of supporting information). In the same way don’t do ultra minimal entries and simply rely on your profile to get yourself noticed (this can make you look arrogant).

4. Read the criteria and make sure you answer each point. Many judges like entries that follow the judging criteria, item by item. It enables them to compare one entry versus another and it gives a submission more order.

5. Good presentation pays dividends. You are not judged on how pretty your entry looks, but busy judges are inevitably attracted to easy-to-read, neatly laid out entries. Some of the better submissions include simple, summary bullet points. The best presented entries often incorporate a range of ‘before’ and ’after’ photographs, clever charts or graphs and plans or other visual material that makes it very easy to assimilate and digest. Testimonials are very powerful too, and there are many clever graphical ways in which these can be highlighted. Check everything carefully. Many entries include fundamental errors – mainly spelling or grammatical cock ups. Our judges are senior people and mistakes like this can grate with them.

1. Employer of Choice (Corporate)

This award recognises and promotes Nigerian organisations which successfully attract and retain skilled employees, offer challenging and rewarding careers, provide flexible working conditions to encourage a work-life balance and demonstrate strong leadership. The award celebrates and rewards those businesses that engage the people they manage to meet or exceed business objectives through effective leadership. Those described as ‘Employers of Choice’ will enjoy a higher level of performance, greater workforce stability, business sustainability, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and stronger revenues. This will be awarded to two organisations, one large and one small.

This award recognises the best large organisation (more than 1000 employees) to work for:

Judges will be looking for:

  • Pre-eminent reputation throughout the business and wider community
  • Pioneering performance-linked reward and recognition programmes
  • Innovative personal and professional career development opportunities
  • Flexible work practices and demonstrable work-life balance
  • Synergy between personal missions, work challenges and organisational achievement
  • The extent to which employees see and understand the overall purpose and individual behaviours expected in the workplace
  • The quality of the working relationships throughout the organisation, particularly with regard to trust, respect, self-worth and recognition
  • Employee participation in decisions

This award recognises the best small organisation (less than 1000 employees) to work for:
Judges will be looking for:

  • Pioneering performance-linked reward and recognition programmes
  • Successful and innovative personal and professional career development opportunities
  • Flexible work practices and demonstrable work-life balance
  • Pre-eminent reputation throughout the business and wider community

2. HR Leader of the Year (Individual)

The HR leader will be recognised for excellence in an academic or career capacity – someone who has made a tangible contribution to the organisation. His or her career demonstrates an upwards trajectory beyond the expected in terms of: a capacity for both leadership and personal credibility; a point of view about the business; an understanding of strategy and how HR will deliver strategy; is ahead of the field in ideas and/or practice and a passion for HR through service to the profession.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Successful implementation of a people strategy that directly contributes to the achievement of organisational objectives
  • Creation of a vibrant and strong culture throughout the organisation
  • Clear and successful articulation of a compelling, unique and relevant employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Effective implementation of bold, visionary and innovative people strategies
  • Creation of an executive culture in which people issues are at the heart of every business decision
  • Ability to lead and create an environment that focuses all employees on the organisation’s priorities, directives and their expected place in the process
  • Strategic thinking and planning attributes
  • Contribution and implementation of specific HR initiatives
  • Business sensitivity and savvy
  • Communication effectiveness

​3. ​Consultant/Service Provider of the Year (Corporate)

This category recognises HR service providers who have successfully partnered with organisations to deliver effective people management and HR solutions, in order to address a challenge or introduce innovation, and in so doing have contributed to business outcomes for their clients.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Demonstration of real and quantifiable added value to the client in the name of partnership
  • Real understanding of client’s business requirements and priorities and also how they added value
  • Significant expertise, creative or innovative thinking for solving a difficult problem or delivering an outstanding project
  • Focus on client’s long term, strategic objectives – understands and recognises the nature and challenges of the industry and receives positive responses in the service provided
  • Enhancement of client’s learning and skills-transfer
  • Demonstration of return on investment/quantifiable business benefits for clients

​4. HR Manager of the Year (Individual)

The award recognises excellence in Human Resource Management.The award is for head of departments, senior HR managers, HR managers and heads of division who have a minimum of 5 years experience in a managerial role. The award will be presented to a manager who has a proven track record, unquestionable ability and has demonstrated exceptional quality in the performance of their role. The recipient of this award will have a proven record of people management skills with focused competences in the areas of Employee Recruitment & Retention, Training & Career Development, Conflict & Resolution Employment Laws and focus on company business etc.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Successful formulation and implementation of a HR strategy that has contributed to the achievement of organisational objectives
  • Competent management of internal and external stakeholders to ensure smooth implementation of HR programmes
  • Creation of a motivated, effective and driven HR team to implement people strategies
  • Contribution and implementation of specific HR initiatives
  • Business sensitivity and savvy
  • Ability to champion change and innovation
  • Ability to implement organisational improvement initiatives
  • Ability to align the business interests of the organisation to workforce needs
  • Knowledge of HR practices and business issues

​5. Best Training, Learning & Development (Corporate)

The organisation receiving this award would demonstrate a Learning & Development programme that caters for and maximises the potential of all levels of the workforce in the organisation. The learning and development mix must fundamentally support their organisational goals. There must be a strong link between learning and development initiatives and business growth. They must demonstrate an organisational culture that promotes learning, focusing on talent and performance as well as encouraging openness among employees about their development needs.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Investment in effective development of employees across the entire organisation
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Genuine board level commitment to learning and development
  • Innovation of programme design, including blended learning opportunities
  • Cost-effectiveness of the programme
  • Innovation in e-learning delivery
  • Clarity and measurability of organisational, team and individual needs, as well as L&D objectives
  • Evidence that L&D has had a significant impact on the bottom line
  • Defined training and development policies and programmes
  • Assessment, evaluation and feedback systems
  • Alignment of training with career development planning strategies and policies
  • Alignment of training to organisational goals and future talent needs
  • Types & variety of courses offered to employees
  • Resources allocated towards training, learning and development, manpower, systems, technology etc.

6. ​Best Work-Life Harmony (Corporate)

The Work-Life Harmony Award recognises employers who are committed to helping their employees harmonise work and personal commitments. The award honours employers who recognise the business value in paying attention to their employees’ Work-Life needs. It is important that they ensure senior management, direct supervisors and employees are committed to the Work-Life strategy in the long term and work life strategy is effectively implemented.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Programme innovation
  • Availability and execution of flexible work arrangements
  • Types of leave benefits, employee support schemes and/or services
  • Availability of health and recreation facilities for employees
  • Maternity/Paternity programmes
  • Management’s support towards flexible work hours and strategies
  • Staff turnover rate

7. Outstanding Employee Engagement (Corporate)

Judges will be looking for a well thought-out strategy linking employee engagement to the heart of the business. This can include motivation programmes which have made a significant difference to an organisation’s performance. Entrants should provide details of the strategy itself and business outputs in order to demonstrate how it measures improvements in engagement.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Innovative strategies implemented within the last 18 months
  • Impact of employee engagement on retention rates
  • Alignment of engagement strategies with career development strategies
  • Balance between employee morale and engagement

8. Outstanding Talent Management Strategy (Corporate)

The winner of this award will demonstrate a defined strategy used in recruiting and managing talents, where responsibility for managing talent sits, how they deliver appropriate development opportunities and how they monitor and measure the success of implementation and outcome.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Innovation in talent recruitment and management strategies
  • Clear integration of strategies for securing, engaging and developing talent with the organisation’s wider business goals
  • Effective implementation of talent management with strategic goals for measurable organisational benefits

9. HR Champion (Individual Awarded to COO,MDs or CEO) (Individual)

This award recognises the COO/MD/CEO who has driven successful HR strategies from the top by putting people first and championing innovative HR values. The individual would demonstrate leadership qualities which ensure that people issues are at the top of the corporate agenda. They would also support the implementation of innovative HR initiatives and visionary approaches to addressing the challenges of the future.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Personal leadership to ensure that people issues are at the top of the corporate agenda
  • Successful implementation of innovative HR initiatives
  • Involvement of the HR Leader in the most important organisational decisions
  • Leadership from the front in terms of integrity and the championing of diversity and flexibility
  • Visionary approaches to addressing the challenges of the future

10. Best Recruitment Strategy (Corporate)

The award recognises organisations that demonstrate effective internal and external recruitment strategies. The company would demonstrate a unique employment branding strategy. The winner would demonstrate
that their employment branding instruments and strategies transform their organisation to an Employer of Choice.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Genuine innovative in recruitment and retention
  • A clear narrative that demonstrates why the strategy was implemented and how it is having an impact on the organisation
  • How the recruitment and retention strategy ties in with the organisation’s employer brand?
  • Evidence of success: how it has strengthened the organisation, you may use metrics, anecdotes and case studies

 The process for decision-making is as follows:

  • All submissions will be carefully scrutinised with the best selected going forward to the shortlist for each category you have been nominated for.
  • There shall be three entries shortlisted as finalists for each category.
  • The Judges will rank the finalists from first to last on the applicable category criteria.
  • The scores will then be collected and collated with the entrant receiving the highest overall score being declared the winner of that category.
  • The winners will be announced at the Awards Gala night.

 The Judges are looking for:

  • Clearly defined vision and goals.
  • Creative approach, originality and differentiation.
  • A strongly developed business case showing how the initiative or people practice is aligned to the organisation’s priorities.
  • Management commitment.
  • Tangible evidence of the impact of the project with measurable and quantifiable results, particularly financial impacts.
  • How you intend to build on your efforts in the future.
  • Why you deserve to win the HRP Magazine Awards.

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