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November 13, 2017

April 6, 2018

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Awards Description

About the awards

The Corporate Engagement Awards was launched in 2011 by Communicate magazine. The awards programme has grown to be the benchmark for collaborations that have excelled and push the boundaries.

The Corporate Engagement Awards honours three key areas – CSR programmes, corporate sponsorships and the communication strategies around those collaborations. The categories range from best CSR programme to raise brand awareness and best alignment of brand values through a sponsorship activity to best PR and external communications and best execution.  The full category list can be found here.

More than ever, companies are striving to demonstrate the good in business and how an organisation can engage its partners, support charities and work for communities in which it operates. In turn, these activities showcase successful collaborations that raise brand awareness, and more importantly, build reputation.

Whether it’s finding the perfect fit for a CSR project that promotes a social or environmental cause but also aligns two companies’ brand values. Or, a creative sponsorship that engages with the target audience and does more than offer an expensive branding opportunity. We want to see your fantastic work put forward.

Why enter?

The benefits of entering the Corporate Engagement Awards include:

  • It is Europe’s leading event that celebrates and honours successful partnerships, sponsorships, CSR programmes and the communication and PR that ties in with collaborative work.
  • Benchmarking your campaign’s effectiveness and proving the project’s mutual benefits to all organisations involved.
  • Validating the reputation and brand you have built around CSR values.
  • Retaining your long-standing relationships and encouraging your short-term partnerships to extend their work with you.
  • Joining an illustrious list of past winners including BT, Coutts, Santander, Tesco and UBS.
  • An opportunity to present your winning work to peers at Collaborate, Activate, Communicate event 
  • Engaging employees by rewarding their team efforts.
  • Highlighting your successes in front of a corporate communications audience.
  • Allowing you to network with your peers and see what others are working on.

All shortlisted organisations are invited to celebrate their work at a prestigious awards ceremony in June where the winners will be announced and presented with either a trophy or plaque.

In addition to the honour of being recognised as leading the way in collaborative working and the above-mentioned benefits, winners of the Corporate Engagement Awards will receive:

  • Coverage in Communicate magazine’s Corporate Engagement Awards print feature.
  • Gold winners will be interviewed with the videos published on the Communicate magazine’s YouTube channel  
  • Inclusion in the winners book, distributed on the night and published online.
  • Inclusion in the news story sent out by Communicate magazine announcing the winners.
  • A trophy which will be presented at the ceremony.
  • A press release template from Communicate magazine for your own media efforts.
  • Winners iconography.
  • Twitter mentions and interaction before, during and after the awards, via @Comms_Eventsand @Communicatemag.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn posts and interaction before during and after the awards.

Entry tips

2018 will mark the eighth anniversary of the Corporate Engagement Awards. In this time, the team has come across some very valuable tips to bear in mind when writing your entries. If you require additional advice on entering please call Ash in the events team on +44 20 7998 6363.

Proof Read

  • Whilst it may sound obvious, too many entries continue to let themselves down through silly errors.
  • Check all organisations’ names are spelt correctly- typos will instantly establish the wrong impression.
  • Ensure links/videos have no expiry date and the login details have been supplied (if applicable.)
  • Do not submit entries with other organisations’ awards logos on them.

Stick to the objective

  • The most successful entries relate their results back to the original objectives.
  • Although statistics can be impressive, there is no point trying to force them into the submission if they are not relevant to the brief or category.
  • Clear objectives ensure the judges can appropriately assess the results.

Use convincing but informative language

  • Take the judges on the same journey the project undertook. By utilising the correct language you have the ability to engage, excite and persuade the judges that your work above all other competitors deserves a Corporate Engagement Awards. Be original.
  • However, avoid using unnecessary jargon to make your entry sound exciting as it can make the project seem vague and unclear
  • Please stick rigidly to the word count. This is to ensure you do not ‘waffle’ and to ensure you succinctly deliver your message. Our judges will have a large number of entries to read and evaluate.

Provide accurate and clear information

  • Ensure all cross-referenced information matches up, as our expert panel of judges will check this. For example, in the past, we have seen examples of visual evidence which is contradictory to the entry statement.
  • It is helpful to mention in your entries why your results (or any information included in your entry) is impressive for the target audience and/or the sector the work is in. For example, 
  • It is preferable to provide actual figures rather than percentages. If you do use percentages, however, make sure you provide the judges with a clear context of the audience/sector. This will allow the judges to understand and make better sense of your entry.
  • It’s worth noting that the names of the organisations who were involved with the project and that their names are spelt correctly as we will use these on all collateral produced for the awards.

Know what and when you are entering

  • If you are entering one project into multiple categories make sure you tailor your entry to fit each category.
  • If you are submitting a long-term project please be clear about which stage of the project you are entering. The project’s strategy has to be developed, launched or carried out between May 2016 and November 2017.


The events team is available to suggest any categories your work may be suitable for and suggest key facts that might be good to include in your submissions. They are willing to accept brief project summaries to help guide the structure of your entries, so feel free to call them on +44 20 7998 6263, if you need any advice.

Eligibility and rules

Any organisation can enter the Corporate Engagement Awards, providing the strategy or execution was developed, launched or carried out between November 2016 and March 2018

Entries into the Corporate Engagement Awards can be made here.

Download an entry template here> Corporate Engagement Awards entry template


The Corporate Engagement Awards welcomes entries from a range of businesses and organisations across Europe. These include:

  • Agencies
  • Beneficiaries of corporate partnership arrangements
  • Charities
  • In-house corporate businesses
  • NFPs
  • NGOs
  • Pressure groups

This list is not exhaustive, so if you have enquiries about whether your organisation is eligible to enter, please call +44 20 7998 6263.

The strategy or execution of the work submitted must have been developed, launched or carried out between November 2016 and March 2018.


  • A single organisation can enter multiple projects and in multiple categories.
  • All entries must be paid for prior to the judging day; any entries we have not received payment for will not be reviewed by the judging panel.
  • Each entry must be submitted as a PDF file. Files cannot be larger than 10MB.
  • Please fill in one form per different entry submission
  • Supporting links, videos etc. must be included within the entry itself. This can be included as an appendix, with links or hyperlinked within the document itself.
  • Where a juror’s organisation enters the Corporate Engagement Awards, that juror will not review the submission. Where possible, jurors are not made aware of the identity of any third-party organisation that carried out the work until after decisions have been made, to eliminate bias.
  • All entry materials will be retained by Communicate magazine, the organiser of the Corporate Engagement Awards. Entries are only accepted electronically, please do not send us a hard copy.
  • Ensure you have secured the appropriate rights and clearances for all materials and images submitted. The Corporate Engagement Awards will not be liable for any copyright, trademark, patent infringement or for non-payment grievances held against entrants.
  • The entry information provided will be disclosed only to the judges, the staff of Communicate magazine and key partners on a strictly confidential basis.
  • Details provided within your entry will potentially be used for press releases, web content, and the winners’ book should your submission be shortlisted and/or win. Therefore, we ask that you ensure all the details are factually correct – we will not be liable for inaccuracies published based on the entry content and changes may not be possible after publication.
  • By submitting your entry, you agree that the materials may be published for the promotion of the awards and media efforts related to digital communication, as well as for the marketing and promotion of rebranding case studies and teaching tools.
  • Please make reference to confidential information in your entries; these will be for judges’ eyes only and will not be published anywhere else.
  • By entering into the awards programme, your details will be added to our Communicate magazine database (newsletter and Corporate Engagement Awards) to ensure you are kept up to date with the awards and its associated events. To opt-out, please email
  • Please translate all non-English text into English to facilitate the judging process.
  • Decisions by the jury are final.


There are a number of ways to pay for your entries into the awards. Once you have submitted your entries you will be directed to a payment page where you can pay by credit/debit card or you can pay via PayPal. Alternatively, you can call the office on +44 20 7998 6263 to pay by credit card as well.

We can also raise an invoice for you. American Express payments are not accepted over the phone, but an online invoice can be created to facilitate this method of payment.

Fees and payments

Entry Fees

  • £295 for the first entry from each organisation/submitting body.
  • £125 for each subsequent entry from each organisation/submitting body.
  • £125 for any entry from or on behalf of a charity, NGO, pressure group or otherwise NFP organisation. Please call if you think you may be eligible.

The fifth entry is free until 16 March 2018. Final date to enter, 6 April 2018.

Rates exclude VAT


  • One payment may be used to cover multiple entries.
  • You can pay via PayPal online, or by phone via credit card on +44 207 998 6263 (we are unable to take American Express over the phone).
  • All entries must be paid for within 14 days or before the judging takes place in order for them to be reviewed by the judging panel.

Terms and Conditions:

If you submit your entries by 16 February 2018, you receive £100 off your total entry costs. Please note the following terms and conditions for this offer:

  • When an organisation submits multiple entries, the early entry discount is applicable on the total entries made in a working day. The discount will only be applied once.
  • The early bird discount, does not apply to charity, NGO, pressure group or other NFP organisation entries.

Entry templates

Download your entry template below.

These templates are a guide for what to include in your entry. You may design and brand the entry and its layout however you like. It is worth noting however, that the judges often like entries that don’t have too much text on one page as it makes them easier to read.

Your entry template outlining your entry summary, statement and guidelines for supporting materials can be downloaded here

‘Best Foundation’ supplementary entry guide can be viewed and downloaded here

‘Best team effort during a programme’ supplementary entry guide can be viewed and downloaded here


If you would like any help choosing which categories to enter or require advice on what to include in your entry you can call Ash in the events team on +44 20 7998 6263.

You may enter multiple projects into multiple categories but we recommend you tailor your submissions for each category. Your fifth entry is free until 16 March 2018.


  • Best arts and culture programme 
  • Best charity, NGO or NFP programme 
  • Best educational programme 
  • Best environmental or sustainable programme 
  • Best pro-bono work for a charitable, social or ethical cause
  • Best sports and leisure programme 
  • Best combined programme 


  • Best sponsorship activity to support or develop a corporate reputation 
  • Best alignment of brand values through a sponsorship activity 
  • Best engagement of an internal audience in a sponsorship programme. 
  • Most effective sponsorship of a single event 
  • Most innovative sponsorship activity 

Corporate social responsibility

  • Best CSR activity/programme to support or develop a corporate reputation 
  • Best alignment of brand values during a CSR programme 
  • Best community involvement during a CSR programme 
  • Best engagement of an internal audience in a CSR programme.
  • Best collaboration for a single event 
  • Most innovative collaboration 
  • Best foundation 


  • Most effective one-off campaign 
  • Most effective long-term commitment 


  • Best stakeholder communications 
  • Best internal communications 
  • Best PR and external communications 
  • Best evaluation 


  • Best collaborative approach 
  • Best execution 
  • Best management of a programme 
  • Best team effort during a programme 

Grand Prix

This award cannot be entered and the winner will be chosen for by our judging panel.


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