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November 27, 2017

February 8, 2018

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Awards Description

Why enter?

Put your work forward for the chance to gain recognition from leading brands and agencies, attract new business and the best talent and benchmark yourself against MENA’s creative elite.

The Dubai Lynx entry kit contains just about everything you need to know to enter next year’s awards, but our resident awards experts are also on hand to answer any questions you have about the process.

See the work that won in 2017 and in previous years.

Awards categories


Dubai Lynx Award Price until 25 January 2018 Price after 25 January 2018
Branded Content & Entertainment USD 635
AED 2,330
USD 695
AED 2,551
Creative Effectiveness USD 635
AED 2,330
USD 695
AED 2,551
Design USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Direct USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Film USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Film Craft USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Healthcare USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Innovation USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Integrated USD 735
AED 2,697
USD 795
AED 2,918
Interactive USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Media USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Mobile USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Outdoor USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
PR USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Print & Publishing USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Print & Outdoor Craft USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Promo & Activation USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817
Radio & Audio USD 435
AED 1,596
USD 495
AED 1,817


Is your work eligible for Dubai Lynx 2018?To be eligible for all Dubai Lynx Awards (except Creative Effectiveness and Healthcare) your work must have aired, launched or been released to the public for the first time between 1 February 2017 and 28 February 2018.To ensure that work judged at Dubai Lynx is fresh and reflective of the good ideas that drive the industry forward it is important we structure the competition with eligibility dates.We understand that some campaigns span several years, in these cases you will need to demonstrate a significant evolution in order to be considered.

Eligibility for Creative Effectiveness

To be eligible your work must have won or been shortlisted at Dubai Lynx in 2015, 2016 or 2017. Notes:

  • The same piece of work cannot be submitted into the same Dubai Lynx Award in consecutive years. However, providing the eligibility dates are met, you may enter the work into an alternative Dubai Lynx Award.
  • A minimum of two thirds of the campaign implementation must fall within these dates.
  • If you’re entering a campaign that has run over 2 or more years, you will need to provide proof of the campaign’s evolution from year to year. The Festival has the right to decide if the entry has evolved sufficiently and can be deemed as a new, eligible entry.
  • If entering a ‘Campaign of Executions’ then the whole campaign must fall within the eligibility dates.
  • If you are showcasing a continuation of a campaign that aired before the eligibility period then you must clearly show how the campaign has progressed.

Refunds/CancellationsThis helpful summary is only a guide to the key points about refunds/cancellations. It is not a substitute for reading the full rules of entering, terms & conditions, refunds/cancellations and our policies on ineligible and “scam” entries, which can all be downloaded here.

  • Entrant withdraws on or before 16 February 2018 – receiving a refund
    An entrant may withdraw their entries on or before 16 February 2018 for any reason and be eligible for a refund of the entry fee paid.
  • Entrant withdraws after 16 February 2018 – not receiving a refund
    An entrant may withdraw their entries after 16 February 2018 but will not be eligible for a refund.

Help and downloads

We know entering Dubai Lynx can be a bit overwhelming and we want the whole process to be as smooth as possible for you, so we’ve put together an entry kit to get you started.

Download it, have a look through to find everything from eligibility rules to key advice from jury presidents.

Our Awards Team know the Dubai Lynx Awards inside-out, so gathered some handy tips to nudge you in the right direction once you’ve read through the entry kit:

  • First time entering? Drop us a line here and we’ll get back to you within two days. email Whatever you need, we’re happy to help
  • Need more time? We can give you information on the deadlines you need to work to and help you if you’re having problems meeting them
  • Can’t find what you need? If you can’t find the answer you need on the website, get in touch and we can email or call you back.


Everything you need to get started with your entries.

Entry kit: The Awards & categories

The Dubai Lynx Awards and their material requirements.

Entry kit: Entering – What you need to know

The comprehensive guide for entering your work into Dubai Lynx. From supporting material guidelines to key dates/fees and top tips on how to craft an award winning entry.

Entry kit: The Rules – Terms & Conditions

Our full terms & conditions, refunds & cancellations information, policy on ‘scam’ entries and all Special Awards rules.

Judging at Dubai Lynx

Each year, much interest is focused on the winners of the Dubai Lynx awards. The campaigns, agencies, clients, networks and countries from across MENA that have been successful are given a huge platform across the region.

But before there are winners, there’s judging.

Enormous consideration is given to who will judge the work and how. The high calibre of the juries is matched by the high standards that they’re held to and the rigorous processes they undertake.

This is what sets Dubai Lynx apart and ensures it continues to be MENA’s most respected creative accolade.


How the judging works

Judging consists of three rounds involving viewing, voting, discussion and awarding of trophies.

In the first round, judges consider and score each entry on a scale of one to nine based on whether they consider it a shortlist candidate.

The second round is a review where judges will consider whether entries on this provisional shortlist are worthy of being shortlisted only, a possible winner or a definite winner. Typically, about twenty per cent of entries will make it to this stage.

In the final round, guided by the Jury President, judges review and debate entries before voting on whether they consider each a gold, silver or bronze winner, or shortlist only. It takes a two-thirds majority vote to claim a trophy and only about 9% of entries will do so.

After voting, results are read out and juries confirm the decisions. Candidates for Grand Prix, selected from among Gold winners, are also identified and further discussion follows before a last vote to determine the Grand Prix winner.

Entries for public awareness messages, non-profit organisations and charities aren’t eligible in their category, but will be considered for the Grand Prix for Good.

Final results aren’t made public until the awards ceremony.

New for 2018


Reflecting the growth of the industry in the MENA region, 2018 sees the introduction of the Healthcare Awards at Dubai Lynx to celebrate brave and innovative ideas within health, wellness and pharmaceutical communications. Game-changing creativity within this strictly regulated space has the potential not just to win awards and drive business, but to change lives.


Creative Effectiveness

Creativity can be a powerful force for good, so this year we are introducing a category to prove it. Creative Effectiveness for Good will celebrate the measurable impact of creativity with social purpose at its heart. We are also adding Long-Term Creative Effectiveness, which will reward campaigns that achieve sustained brand effectiveness over a longer period.



Direct marketing has embraced technology to push boundaries and personalise communications. To reflect this we are introducing two new categories covering Use of Technology and Use of Mobile.


Branded Content & Entertainment

In tune with the power of music and brand collaboration, this year we have introduced a whole playlists worth of new categories that celebrate fan engagement, live experience, product integration and excellence in music / brand partnership.



Internet users are now predominantly using more than one connected device, switching from desktop to mobile to accomplish tasks, consume content and interact. To reflect this more fluid approach to digital communications, a new Cross-device Campaign category has been added. We also have three new social categories for you to like, share and tweet. This year we are introducing real-time response, community building/management and use of data & insight.



Context is everything for Media, therefore breadth and clarity is required in order to recognise communication that truly shines. Refinements this year include a new Use of Mobile added to our channels categories. In response to industry demand we have also added Use of Data, plus a new ‘Excellence in Media’ section, which aims to recognise the media agencies and the craft behind the best work.



Introducing a more nuanced campaign section this year, Mobile now has its very own campaign category. We also now have a new Cross-device Campaign led by mobile, In line with our changes to interactive (see above).



A couple of new additions to ensure all specialisms are being celebrated in PR. This year sees the introduction of Business Citizenship / Environmental and Content-led Engagement & Marketing.


Promo & Activation

Promo & Activation returns to celebrate engaging brand storytelling with brand new Immersive Customer Experience and Use of Mobile categories.


Radio & Audio

As traditional radio and streaming services become more analogous, this year we introduce two new categories to celebrate Use of Audio Technology and Use of Branded Content / Programming / Podcasts.

Rules for entering

1. The work has aired, launched or been released to the public for the first time between 1 February 2017 and 28 February 2018. If a campaign exceeds this period, a minimum of two thirds falls within this window.

2. The work has been created within the context of a normal paying contract with a client OR if it’s a case of self-promotion or a non-profit organisation, the client must have approved all of the media/production/implementation.

3. You have permission to enter this work from the commissioning client/brand-owning company and you have included the client contact details. We may request proof of this permission at any time. The Festival reserves the right to contact the client, if necessary and the entrant shall notify the client accordingly.

4. The work has been submitted exactly as published/aired/released and must not be modified for the awards entry.

5. The work is not speculative or conceptual advertising, and has not been banned or withdrawn from airing.

6. A senior officer (CD, CEO or Chairman) from your company has given permission for this work to be entered.

7. Entries will be accepted on the basis that:
They are designed specifically for and to run in the *MENA region and are created by agencies in the MENA region
They are designed specifically for and to run in the *MENA region and are created by agencies outside the MENA region
They are designed to run globally as long as they are created by agencies in the *MENA region.

*For the purpose of Dubai Lynx, the MENA region includes: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Kenya, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Westbank & Gaza, Western Sahara, Yemen.

8. The work was not entered to the same Dubai Lynx Award the previous year. You can enter the work into an alternative Dubai Lynx Award, provided it meets the eligibility date requirements.

9. There is no reference to your agency or any contributing creative companies in any digital or physical materials and all supporting case films and materials are correct and final versions. These cannot be changed later.

10. The work, and/or case film can be understood in English. (See supporting material guidelines).

11. At the point you complete and pay for your entry all media submitted must be the final version. Without exception, no replacement or additional media can be accepted after an entry has been finalised and received by the Festival.

12. If new results are collected after the entry has been paid for, we will only accept additional written information in the results section of the entry form up to 16 February 2018.

13. You understand that entries withdrawn after 16 February 2018 are not eligible for a refund.

If you’re unable to confirm each point on the list, your work may be ineligible for Dubai Lynx 2018. Failure to meet all these requirements could see your entry being disqualified or withdrawn without a refund.

Special Awards

What are the special awards and how do company credits affect them?
These are the awards that are won through the calculation of points from winning and shortlisted entries at Dubai Lynx 2018 rather than awarded by a jury.

The Special Awards are:

  • Network of the Year
    The Network of the Year Special Award is given to the Network Parent Company of the Network whose members are the most successful overall for Entries in the Dubai Lynx Awards.
  • Media Network of the Year
    The Media Network of the Year Special Award is given to the Media Network Parent Company of the Media Network whose members are the most successful overall for Entries in the Media Dubai Lynx Awards.
  • Agency of the Year
    The Agency of the Year Award is given to the Agency that obtains the most points overall for Entries in the Dubai Lynx Awards.
  • Independent Agency of the Year
    The Independent Agency of the Year award is given to the Independent Agency that obtains the most points overall for Entries in the Dubai Lynx Awards.
  • Dubai Lynx Golden Palm Award
    The Dubai Lynx Golden Palm Award honours the Production Company that obtains the most points overall for Entries in the Film, Film Craft, Interactive, Mobile and Entertainment (Section A) Dubai Lynx Awards as well as Film, Film Craft, Digital, Mobile, Digital Craft and Branded Content Mediums in Healthcare Dubai Lynx Awards in the Dubai Lynx Awards.

Grand Prix for Good

This award honours work that is ineligible to win a Grand Prix in their sections because they are made for charities/not for profit or have charitable or public service messages.

All such excluded Gold winning entries, across ALL entry sections except for Film Craft and Innovation will be judged by the Integrated Jury, who will choose one piece to receive the Dubai Lynx Grand Prix for Good, which will be awarded during the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 14 March 2018.

Trophies and certificates

Getting your hands on an engraved, hand-crafted trophy to mark your huge success at Dubai Lynx couldn’t be easier. You can also order a select number of certificates to share the achievement with your team.

Simply download and complete the PDF forms by clicking on the appropriate buttons below to order duplicate Dubai Lynx trophies and shortlist certificates.

Download trophies form

Read More

Download certificates form

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Email your completed form to remember to include all your payment details. Once we’ve received your completed form, we’ll process your order.

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